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Luminesce Alliance

Luminesce Alliance is a collaborative paediatric research alliance which includes some of the world’s best scientific minds. 

Our partners include The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Children’s Cancer Institute, The University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney and is supported by NSW Government.

Together our role is to galvanise and accelerate NSW led paediatric research, harnessing our collective strengths to unlock future prevention, treatments and cures for childhood illnesses.

At Luminesce Alliance we are working to bring precision medicine to all children with rare diseases and cancer.

Precision medicine means we deliver personalised, targeted medical care to patients. Rather than using medications that we think will work because they have worked in other people, precision medicine studies each child’s individual genes, behaviours and environment to understand what is causing their disease, and how to treat it. 

By bringing together specialists across many fields and with different sets of skills, we have been contributing to the discovery and development of medical and game-changing technological innovations that deliver tangible outcomes to sick children. 

For Luminesce Alliance expanding our knowledge of paediatric health so all our children can live healthy and productive lives is at the very heart of our mission.


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Futureproofing Our Workforce

The health and research industry is in a period of unprecedented disruption and innovation. More than ever before, we need a steady pipeline of STEM talent to futureproof our workforce, boost our economy and benefit society at large.

We are calling on STEM teachers to help us foster the skills we need to help us build a workforce fit for the future.

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