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What We Do 

We work globally with researchers, corporates, ag+food entrepreneurs, start-ups, agile SMEs and investors to accelerate the development of innovative and disruptive agri-food technologies, grow unique products and services, build new generation value chains; and assist transformational business models to become established.

Helping grow the Native Ag+Food Sector

There is great potential for the Australian native agriculture and food sector to become a successful world-class industry that delivers economic, social, cultural, environmental and health benefits to Indigenous Australians; businesses within the sector; consumers; and the wider Australian community.

Food Futures Company is working across the sector with industry stakeholders, native ag+food entrepreneurs, large corporates and investors to help create awareness and connections; deliver new technologies; build new capabilities; and attract new talent.  Our programs support Indigenous and non-Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses in the native ag+food sector to advance innovation and achieve significant commercial growth.

Increasing Participation of Indigenous Women in Native Ag+Food Sector

Launching in July 2021, the Increasing Participation of Indigenous Women in Native Ag+Food Sector program is looking to work with schools across Australia to empower Indigenous girls and women with the confidence, knowledge, and entrepreneurial skills they need to successfully launch new ventures and/or participate in tech-based careers across the native ag+food value chain. 

Learn more about the program or contact the team directly to hear how they can support you and your Indigenous girls in your school be introduced to this exciting program.


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