Electricity Safety Week 2021

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Electricity Safety Week 2021

Electricity Safety Week is a state-wide program for NSW primary schools designed to raise awareness of the hazards associated with electricity and teach students how to be safe around electricity.

Electricity Safety Week 2021 will be held 6-10 September (Week 8, Term 3). 

Online teaching resources are now available, with registrations for a FREE resource and prize pack opening to NSW primary schools in June. 

STAGE 3 TEACHERS: Access our online Stage 3 Electricity & Safety Unit! Aligned with the NSW Science & Technology Curriculum, the unit contains a lesson book, interactive whiteboard lessons, STEM design challenges and YouTube videos.

K-6 TEACHERS: K-6 activity booklet, posters, fun activities and much more can be downloaded ahead of Electricity Safety Week.

Access online resources via your electricity network service provider’s page:

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