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Central Coast Food Alliance

New South Wales is home to an established, innovative and high-quality food and beverage manufacturing industry which is vital to the NSW and Australian economy diversity and strength. In NSW, the sector consists of around 3,600 businesses, producing almost one-fifth of the Australian sector’s exports, and employs nearly 70,000 people.

One of the ongoing difficulties for the NSW food and beverage industry is attracting workers in critical areas of these businesses, specifically skilled workers in marketing, social media, commercialising science, food technology, entrepreneurialism, business planning and data analytics.

The Central Coast Food Alliance CCFA works closely with the NSW Department of Education to create innovative, industry-inspired learning activities for teachers to use in their classrooms across stages and syllabuses and showcase students’ career opportunities.

Watch out for CCFA units of work and programs being released by the SISP team at the NSW Department of Education, or connect with us directly via our website or social media.


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