Digital Technologies – hidden in plain sight

Digital Technologies – hidden in plain sight
April 9, 2021 STEM 2021
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Digital Technologies – hidden in plain sight 

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Prof. Tim Bell
University of Canterbury

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Digital devices and apps have permeated our everyday lives so much that we sometimes barely notice them, let alone appreciate the clever ideas that make the fast, reliable, and easy to use. Or rather, we only notice them when they are slow, unreliable, and hard to use! As students learn about digital technologies, we want them to be informed so that they can be effective digital citizens, and feel empowered to have creative ideas that can be implemented. To enable this, we need to dig beneath the “magic” that we see on the surface, and find out what’s going on underneath. In this talk we’ll explore a few such ideas that are right under our noses, yet can easily be understood by curious primary school students.

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Posted on April 9, 2021

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