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Tim Kitchen


EdTalk Video: Creativity for All – Preparing for Student Success 
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Video Synopsis:

Over the past 120 years, we have moved from an industrial society to a knowledge-based society to a digital society and now to a creative society. Creativity is now recognised as one of the most important workplace skills to thrive today and into the future. Sir Ken Robinson said that creativity now is as important in education as literacy. Creativity is the essence of engaging STEM experiences at school and in life-long learning. This presentation by Dr Tim Kitchen (Adobe’s Senior Specialist, APAC)  looks at some of the research surrounding the importance of creativity in education and provides samples of how creativity can be enhanced in all classrooms and all curriculum areas.


2021 is Dr Tim Kitchen’s 30th year as an educator. Following 23 years teaching Primary, Secondary & Higher Education, for the past 8 years, Tim has been Adobe’s Senior Education Specialist for Asia Pacific. He regularly liaises with schools & universities focusing on enhancing creativity in education. He also manages the Adobe Education leadership and active use programs throughout Australasia and helps lead the Adobe Education Exchange (edex.adobe.com) which includes 1 million members. Tim is a passionate advocate for creativity in education, and a well-recognised education thought leader in the Australiasian region. Check his bi-weekly YouTube show via http://bit.ly/adobe-inject