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Surgeon BC

STEM Foundation Nepal

Workshop: STEM ecosystem in the rural classroom
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STEM ecosystem in the rural classroom is an experience shared by a STEM Educator from Nepal; who has made a significant contribution to establishing the STEM Education issues by policy intervention and execution in the rural classroom. The practice of establishing low-cost STEM Labs in rural schools and using scrap/used materials for STEM projects has become very popular among the students and teachers. Bringing all the stakeholders of the STEM Ecosystem together is the key factor for the sustainability of STEM Education in Nepal. One can easily engage with the STEM experience of Nepal.


Mr Surgeon BC is the Founder Chairperson of STEM Foundation Nepal, Founder & ex-CEO of Everest World School, Founder President of Mathematics Olympiad of Nepal.

Mr BC, a Biological Science Graduate, is widely known as a STEM Educator, Olympiads Activist, Green Activist, Youth Mentor, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Seasonal Writer/Author
and an Education Thought Leader.

Mr BC is also a Former Buddhist Monk and Meditation/NLP Practitioner.