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STEM Education

Professor Peter Howley

University of Newcastle

EdTalk Video: Leveraging STEM through systems thinking
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Video Synopsis:

STEM consolidates and unites traditionally siloed disciplines and thinking to promote multidisciplinary collaboration. This is a paradigm shift – aligning with systems thinking!

This STEM paradigm has become synonymous with core cross-functional and T-shaped skills for the future workforce.
Concurrently, STEM has become a point of angst for many, including teachers and industry workforces alike with discipline-specific training.

This EdTalk will bridge the divide, considering STEM from the systems perspective and providing ideas on how to engage with and leverage STEM…and you don’t need to operate within any of the 4 STEM disciplines to do so!


The inaugural UON STEMM Ambassador and an inaugural Science and Technology Australia STEM Ambassador, Professor Peter Howley is a nationally and internationally recognised leader and award winning academic and practitioner in Statistics and STEM initiatives across Education, Health and Industry. With a focus on systems thinking, data science and performance improvement, Peter has assumed local, national and international advisory and executive board roles. Vice-President Hunter Innovation & Science Hub, National Chair of Statistical Education (Statistical Society of Australia (SSA)) and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), Peter is an advocate and leader of practical multidisciplinary collaborative initiatives, teaching courses such as The University of Newcastle’s ‘Systems Thinking for an Integrated Workforce’.