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STEM Education

Professor John Fischetti

University of Newcastle

EdTalk Video: Seven priorities for the post-pandemic education world
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Video Synopsis:

In this presentation John will share seven priorities that are front and centre as we emerge from the COVID shell-shock of 2020. Will we go forward to reimagine STEM in schools or hold onto our pre-pandemic assumptions about learning, teaching and assessment? What have we learnt? Where are we heading? This generation is waiting for us to inspire them.


Professor John Fischetti is Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Human and Social Futures at the University of Newcastle. He is immediate Past President of the New South Wales Council of Deans of Education.

John received his doctorate in education in professional development, school reform and educational leadership for change in 1986 at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Previously he completed Master’s work in Secondary Education and holds a BA in Economics and American Government from the University of Virginia. John holds his teaching certificate in secondary social studies and has taught high school history, economics and political science.

John’s key research interests include: School Reform, Preparing Leaders for New Roles/Responsibilities, Secondary Teacher Education Global Educational Issues, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Technology and Education Research in Teaching and Learning.