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Peter Pentland


Workshop: Remote Learning Videos and Resources for STEM 
(Workshop videos launching Monday 19 April 2021)

Video Synopsis:

This workshop features two videos from a series developed by STELR for students who are learning at home.

Lee Constable performs the investigations. Students analyse the results and complete student activity sheets.

Corey Tutt from Deadly Science gives Indigenous insights into the topics.

The first video investigates the best angle for wind turbine blades.

The second video investigates the best wall colour for a sustainable house.

Find all videos and student activities at:

Wind Energy Remote Learning

Sustainable Housing Remote Learning



Peter Pentland is the Executive Manager Schools Program for the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

He has extensive experience in classroom teaching and in writing for education audiences including senior physics textbooks and primary school library books aimed at inspiring students to consider careers in STEM. He has run successful STEM teacher training programs in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

STELR is running in almost schools in Australia, including  over 260 in New South Wales. The main themes include Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Housing, Climate Change and Water Security.