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Peter Pentland


Workshop: STELR Sustainable Housing Workshop
(Workshop videos launching Monday 19 April 2021)

Video Synopsis:

The STELR Sustainable Housing program is an initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

This multidisciplinary STEM module maps to Stage 5 level of the Physical World strand of the NSW Curriculum. Investigating Science materials are also available.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • See hands-on investigations using the equipment pack and data logger
  • View support materials

Topics include:

  • Transfer of energy by convection, conduction and radiation
  • Sustainable house design
  • Inquiry-based investigations into building materials
  • Case studies
  • Career profiles

The Sustainable Housing activities can be downloaded free at:


Peter Pentland is the Executive Manager Schools Program for the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

He has extensive experience in classroom teaching and in writing for education audiences including senior physics textbooks and primary school library books aimed at inspiring students to consider careers in STEM. He has run successful STEM teacher training programs in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

STELR is running in almost schools in Australia, including  over 260 in New South Wales. The main themes include Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Housing, Climate Change and Water Security.