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Agtech & Food:

Professor Peter Howley

University of Newcastle

Case Study Video: Food Science & Nutrition
(On Demand videos launching Monday 19 April 2021)


While it is easy for us to go grocery shopping, go out for dinner or grab a snack on the go, many people do not realise what they are exactly eating and what the processes are for a food to be developed. Much of the food development is done by Food Scientists, who regularly combine their knowledge on maths, statistics, chemistry, biology and nutrition to safely and meticulously create and label the foods and drinks we consume.

In this animated video, the Food Scientists at the University of Newcastle invite you into their lab and help you understand the field of food science. They tell you how and why they make advances in food technology, teach you about macro-and micro-nutrients and explain the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. With this information, they show you how you can put your knowledge into practise by recognising nutrients and food groups (and how they work in your body), serve sizes, and how to calculate the amount of nutrients and energy you’ll get from what you are eating.

After the video you can research a topic to do with food science yourself (pick a topic you think is interesting and combine forces with classmates, friends or family!), do your own research and experiment and present your findings on a poster that you can submit for the National Schools Poster Competition (or National Statistics Poster Competition (for Community)! Or you can even create a game that is all about food science that you can play with all your classmates.