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Peta Cox


Case Study Video: A surveyor in the classroom 
(On Demand videos launching Monday 19 April 2021)


In this Case Study Peta Cox, a surveyor who has spent 11 years of her 26 years in the surveying industry as a vocational education teacher, shares her insights into creating great relationships with your student. Peta also dives into the world of surveying, the careers and cross over you will see from STEM subjects into HSIE and many others.

Peta is part of a team of leading surveyors from NSW who is actively creating new units-of-works and learning activities for use in our classrooms. Keep an eye-out for Peta’s learning activities in GIS and GPS.


Peta has extensive experience in surveying and a wide range of educational fields, including but not limited to Curriculum Development, Education & Technology Management Consultancy (ETM), with a keen interest in the development of emerging technologies and their commercial applications.

Peta’s latest project in supporting her industry is the Defining Boundaries Podcast. In these podcasts, Peta interviews the people within the Surveying & Spatial Industry, learning more about their projects and their impacts on our society.