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Nicholas Shirlaw

North Sydney Boys High School

Workshop: Low Cost, High Value iSTEM Programs
(Workshop videos launching Monday 19 April 2021)

Video Synopsis:

Workshop OutlineLow Cost, High Value iSTEM ProgramsIn this workshop, two Case Studies with complimentary free resources will be presented:

  1. Academically challenging programs for cheap: 3D Printed Drones–A $120 DIY drone kit provided higher quality learning outcomes compared to $2000 kits offered by private educational companies.This unique Stage 5 iSTEM unit of work will be explained and I’llprovide tips about methods for implementation and how to maximise student learning outcomes.
  2. Initiating STEM Collaboration: Biomedical Innovation–My experience collaborating with cross-faculty colleagues enhanced STEM program development in areas outside of my specific teaching domain. I will share the journey and development of an iSTEM BiomedicalInnovation unit as a product of my experience.This unit encourages students to inquire into modern innovative biomedical technologies and apply a new technology to a biomedical problem they feel passionate about.


Nicholas Shirlaw is a STEM Coordinator and TAS teacher currently working at North Sydney Boys High School. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and has previously worked in a variety of comprehensive, co-ed and single-sex schools in Australia and the UK. For the past three years, he has led the implementation of the Stage 5 iSTEM course, Stage 4 Technology Mandatory Digital Technologies update and several other STEM/PBL initiatives within his school.