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Mikhaila Halford


EdTalk Video: Industry Supporting Career Pathways 

Video Synopsis:

Leading Australian businesses understand that their future growth and success will be intrinsically connected with their ability to engage, inspire, and create innovative ways for people to see and understand the career pathways to join their industry or business. In this interview, which was produced as part of a new Biomedical Innovation and MedTech Unit of Work for teachers to use in STEM classrooms, Mikhaila Halford, the Learning and Development Specialist for Ampcontrol, introduces you to Ampcontrol’s approach to how working with education, students and parents and creating clear pathways is important for the Ampcontrol business and just as importantly our society. Mikhaila also shares her thoughts on the Ampcontrol ventilator project and why the business decided to work with the NSW Department of Education to develop a unit of work surrounding the project for STEM and other syllabuses. Mikhaila is a highly engaging and experienced expert in learning and development. This video is a must watch for educators, industry and businesses who want to future proof their organisations.


A passionate advocate for lifelong learning, Mikhaila focusses on finding opportunities for the development of people both within, and external to, Ampcontrol. Drawing on a diverse career spanning multiple industries, she values the opportunity to connect people and listen to their stories. Mikhaila is also a fierce competitor in both UNO and Yahtzee.