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Michael van Koeverden

Engineers Australia

EdTalk Video: Tomorows Engineers

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Engineers Australia delivers several STEM based activities for teachers and students across NSW.

Over the past few years Engineers Australia has worked with Engineering Studies teachers in the Newcastle area to develop a program and resources to assist the teachers in the delivery of the NSW Engineering Studies Syllabus.

Resources have now been developed in collaboration with the Engineering Studies teachers for use by the teachers.

Student programs include programs designed purely for female students like Girl’s Talk and Experience IT while others incorporate all students, Discover Engineering, Autumn Engineering Program, and the Engineering Summer School.


Michael is a Civil Engineer and Engineers Australia (EA) Chartered Fellow. He is past president of Engineers Australia (Newcastle Division), past member of the EA Civil College Board and current EA National Congress representative for Newcastle Division.  Michael is also the Immediate Past National President of the Concrete Institute of Australia and since 2007 has worked as leading consultant and Director in CQT Services, specialising in concrete and quarry materials engineering and was also a founding Director of BGE Materials Technology and Engineered Material Solutions.