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Michael Kasumovic
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STEM Education:

Michael Kasumovic

UNSW & Arludo

Workshop: Using technology to easily and quickly teach science and data literacy in primary and secondary classrooms in an engaging way
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Video Synopsis:

In this workshop, I will show you how simple it is to use Arludo apps and worksheets to teach science and explore data in real time. You’ll be able to try some of the apps and see the data that would result from your students playing. You’ll also see examples of the worksheets and how they can be used in teaching. Each of these tools provides teachers with a way to engage students in critical and analytical thinking in an intuitive, engaging, and fun way. 


Michael is an Associate Professor at UNSW Sydney. An award-winning evolutionary biologist and science communicator, Michael explores the role the social environment has on how individuals develop and behave. These interests have resulted in him working on a number of different species throughout his career from birds, to spiders, to crickets, and now humans. Michael also uses video games to explore human behaviour and choices. Using what he’s, Michael is creating video games through his company Arludo that help teachers and students around the world easily perform science experiments to learn more about the world around them.