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Michael Holstrom

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Workshop: Design Thinking as an innovation and problem-solving tool
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Video Synopsis:

In this webinar STEM Punks Program Director, Michael Holmstrom, will share from his own entrepreneurial journey and explain how Design Thinking can be used as an innovation and problem-solving tool in the classroom. You will be guided through the process of transforming an idea into a tangible outcome.


In the past 15 years, Michael has transformed ideas into local, and global businesses and endured the journey of entrepreneurship through great failures and awesome successes. His multicultural background and global experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, has provided him with a platform for diverse dialogue and input. Michael believes that the world doesn’t need more ideas. What we need is a mindset of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship to turn these ideas into value for people. We need to enable a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to solve tomorrow’s problems today. In Michael’s current role as CEO for STEM Punks Ventures he inspires tomorrow’s innovators.