Maria Ysabel Urbano & Kavika Singhal

Maria Ysabel Urbano & Kavika Singhal
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Digital Technology & Cyber Security

Maria Ysabel Urbano & Kavika Singhal

Western Sydney University

EdTalk Video: The Cyber World: Viewing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) through the human lens
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Video Synopsis:

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), creates a pathway to explore one of the most interesting aspects of cybersecurity in a cost-efficient way. The pandemic has led to accelerated growth of information available online- changing the online game field and revolutionising the lens through which people view the world. Both Maria and Kavika aim to raise situational awareness about OSINT through their EdTalk – introducing the cyber world using OSINT. The presentation will outline an overview of OSINT, a demonstration of some tools and techniques used for data gathering, and real-life case scenarios where OSINT was utilised negatively and positively.


Kavika Singhal

Kavika is pursuing her Bachelors in Cyber Security and Behaviour from WSU. Through her tenacious efforts and great learning skills, she has been a consistent academic achiever. Her passion for cyber security expands beyond academia as she volunteers for noble initiatives such as the “Be Connected” Australian Government program and NGOs to educate the elderly about cyber safety- by translating complexities of the cyber world into simple solutions through digital literacy workshops. She believes in using technology as an instrument to make a significant impact. As the winner of Kaspersky’s Secur’IT Cup 2020 – Australia region, her project (Vigilant) focused on creating security awareness among young kids through gamification gained international recognition. She writes blogs and articles in renowned magazines such as Women in Security, to elucidate on various security topics from a behavioural perspective. At present, she is assisting her university professor with her research in Cyber Crime and Investment Fraud and recently interned with Ernst and Young recently as a cyber consultant.


Maria Ysabel Urbano

From a young age, Maria has always been fascinated with technology particularly the problem-solving aspect of it. Inspired to be an engineer like her father, she completed her degree in Electronics Engineering in 2014 at De La Salle University – Manila and became a licensed engineer in 2017. She worked as a programmer for a major bank in the Philippines for 3 years where she was introduced to IT and Cybersecurity. Driven by her curiosity and passion to learn more about cybersecurity, she quit her job and flew to Australia to pursue her 2nd Bachelor’s degree, Cybersecurity and Behaviour, at Western Sydney University where she is the consistent academic topper.

Both Kavika and Maria are working towards sharing their knowledge with others to present

Cybersecurity as an excellent career option in the foreseeable future.