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Luciano Mesiti


Workshop: Understanding STEM in food and fibre learning.
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Video Synopsis:

Exploring STEM through food and fibre lenses is one of the most rewarding ways to engage students in STEM. Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) is involved in supporting schools to integrate food and fibre focused STEM activities in the classroom through online teaching resources and programs. This workshop will highlight the work PIEFA and schools engaged in putting this into action.


Luciano is the CEO of Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA), whose aim is to promote food and fibre education in schools nationally. Luciano grew up on a farm and has a lifelong interested in agriculture. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he was a high school teacher, teaching agriculture and technology subjects. As well, he was president of the NSW Agriculture Teachers Association and a Lighthouse teacher of excellence in the NSW Dept of Education. Luciano has extensive experience in curriculum development in agriculture and STEM and is a very passionate advocate of students knowing about where their food comes from and about mentoring teachers to assist them meet this aim.