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Lloyd Pilgrim
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Surveying & Geospatial Engineering

Lloyd Pilgrim

University of Newcastle

EdTalk Video: Point Clouds: Raining coordinates
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Video Synopsis:

Traditionally Surveyors have collected one point of spatial data – or one coordinated point – at a time. Current Technology such as Laser Scanners allows up to 6 million points to be measured every second. This changes what we can measure, how we process data, and how we manage data. Surveyors of the future will need to engage with large data sets. The presentation will outline the method of collecting such large datasets and provide an example of how such technology is being used on a global scale.


Dr Pilgrim is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Newcastle. He is the Program Convener for the Bachelor of Surveying undergraduate Degree programs at The University of Newcastle.

He is a member of the Institution of Surveyors NSW (ISNSW), a previous recipient of the John Haden Cardew Award from ISNSW and current ISNSW HMG Surveyor of the Year (2020/2021).

He holds a Bachelor of Surveying (Hons 1) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Surveying) from The University of Newcastle.

Dr Pilgrim has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors of the surveying profession, including the management of a consulting survey practice in Sydney. He has also held academic appointments at The University of Sydney and The University of Newcastle. Prior to his current academic appointment, Dr Pilgrim was the Global Risk Manager for an international surveying and spatial information organisation.