Laureate Professor Jennifer Gore

Laureate Professor Jennifer Gore
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STEM Education

Laureate Professor Jennifer Gore

University of Newcastle

On Demand Video: Quality teaching matters for the future of STEM
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The strength of STEM is fundamentally connected with the quality of school education. Switching students on to STEM and building aspirations for STEM career and higher education pathways, requires attention to pedagogy, curriculum and culture.  Using evidence from multiple large studies conducted across the primary and secondary years, this talk highlights the many ways in which quality teaching matters and what teachers can do to enrich STEM classrooms.


Laureate Professor Jennifer Gore is Director of the Teachers and Teaching Research Centre at the University of Newcastle, Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford, and a recently elected Fellow of the American Educational Research Association.

Her research focuses on quality and equity, teacher development, pedagogical reform, and enhancing student outcomes.

Her current agenda focuses on the impact of Quality Teaching Rounds on teachers and students and the formation of educational aspirations during schooling.