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Kylie Organ

Lismore South Public School

EdTalk Video: Design Thinking: Through the lens of our students

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Video Synopsis:

This workshop aims to explore the iSTEM Design Thinking process and the ways that can provide students with opportunities to develop innovative solutions to real world problems. We will examine how each step of the process can be used to teach students the fundamental principles of STEM. Throughout the workshop, we will walk through how our units are designed and implemented across the school and show how it can be used in a variety of student-led projects.



I have been an Assistant Principal at Lismore South Public School for the past 5 years. I am passionate about education and believe that student engagement through STEM is the way to make real world changes for students. I have been engaged with professional learning and the practical application of Project Based Learning in my classroom for the past 4 years. As the school coordinator, I have been working with staff to write and implement Project Based Learning within our Year 3-6 classrooms for the past 3 years.