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Karsten Schulz
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Digital Technology & Cyber Security:

Karsten Schulz

Digital Technologies Institute

Workshop: Artificial intelligence and learning
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Video Synopsis:

This presentation is an introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Participants will be provided an introductory level understanding of AI and be able to recreate the activities in a classroom with students.

The talk focuses on Artificial Neural Networks. Teachers will develop an understanding of the principal function of ANNs, the kind of tasks they are particularly suitable for, and its limitations. Some of the scenarios explored in the talk are social media anti-bullying, image recognition, scientific data analysis and ethical aspects of AI.


Karsten heads up the Digital Technologies Institute in Brisbane. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering. In 2010, Karsten created the Young ICT Explorers Competition and, in 2014, whilst working for NICTA (now part of CSIRO), he founded the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge, which is part of the International Bebras Challenge. 

Karsten has been working in the Australian ICT and Digital Technologies space since 1999 in an international R&D leadership position. He has designed a computer processor, builds artificial neural networks, has 18 patents in his name and has a passion for making the invisible visible.