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Digital Technologies & Cyber Security:

Jonathan Stucken

Elderslie High School

Workshop: Coding Anki Overdrive cars in python
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Video Synopsis:

Smart cities and driverless cars look to be soon upon us, but how can we best equip students with the skills needed to design and create the living environments of tomorrow? Working in collaboration with the STEM advisor and building upon the DET’s ‘Fast and Curious’ teaching program, this video explores new methods of manipulating Bluetooth technology to control small programmable cars on a track using text-based coding.

This project uses a Raspberry Pi and the Anki cars to introduce students to the Internet of Things and develop concepts of smart cities. Coding is kept as concise and logical as possible to provide students with a scaffold to build upon their existing programming skills.

If you are looking for an interesting way to model a mini smart city where vehicles follow user-programmed routes to make deliveries, avoid collisions and send back data in real-time, then this ‘look under the hood’ technical session may be for you.


Jonathan is a Technology and Applied Studies teacher at Elderslie High School in South Western Sydney. With a background in corporate web development, he is an avid programmer, tinkerer and open source enthusiast. Jonathan is always searching for new ways to experiment with technology to understand how it works and to explore how it can be tweaked and enhanced.

Jonathan mentored small business owners and taught Information Technology for several years at TAFE before retraining as a TAS teacher. He is passionate about investing in the lives of young adults and equipping them with the much-needed digital skills of today’s workforce, inspiring students to transition from being consumers of technology to becoming developers themselves.

In his free time, Jonathan may be found flying his homemade model aircraft with his three young children and looking for better methods to fine-tune his automated Raspberry Pi controlled Aquaponics systems.