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Jonathan Nalder

STEM Punks

Workshop: Space Exploration for all: the dream is now real
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Video Synopsis:

This workshop aims to do two things: Firstly to bring Teachers everywhere up to speed with the now very real career pathways available in the Australian Space Industry. No longer do students have to move overseas and give up their citizenship like Astronaut Andy Thomas did in the 1980’s – and STEM Punks has now built on Jonathan’s work to pioneer the classes that set students on their way.

Secondly, the workshop covers how to involve a broad range of students in STEM via a Space focus. There are three methods covered with STEM Punks own programs like the examples –

Having a broad, human focused space theme that links to design thinking

  • This means moving away from purely hard-science problems like rocket building or radiation shields to wider questions such as ‘What would humans need to be happy living away from Earth?’.
  • The empathy first stage of design thinking links to such an approach and gives all learners a ‘method’ to follow for their problem solving.

Having links to real space industry professionals

  • STEM Punks has found this is invaluable so students can visualise and personally understand what new space industry opportunities look and feel like.

Have the learning opportunities online and accessible

  • Recent challenges to face to face learning make it more important than ever that the foundations of a career in STEM and space are available online – but in ways that still inspire and provide the same opportunities as face to face learning.

The challenge for workshop attendees is then to take these three methods and apply them to their own practice and education institutions. STEM Punks is always happy to help and share more ideas or provide access to our online classes – contact us via


Presenter, Teacher and globally awarded Educator Jonathan Nalder has been sharing his love of Space with students for the last 4 years. In that time he has connected Astro-geologists, Mars Society scientists, an ex-NASA Astronaut, Gilmour Space Tech engineer and the commander of the HISEAS Moon and Mars Base with classrooms and students at home.