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Jeff Whitton


EdTalk Video: Cyber Security
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Exploiting STEM through instinctive learning, using gamification and A.I. cyber ranges develops the key skills of problem-solving, creativity, and critical analysis. At Indigenous majority owned cyber security and innovation company, Yirigaa, our focus is to appeal to a diverse group of students that include Indigenous communities to encourage them to choose cyber security as a profession.

Cyber security workers are in high demand yet short supply and cyber security is an extremely broad sector with many professional role types. Gamification gives students a hands-on real-world learning pathway and is combined with a curriculum that gives the students an industry certification in the NICE framework.


Jeff is a passionate technologist who has worked in the cyber security, innovation and emerging technologies industry for over thirty years.

Adept technology and cyber security industry subject matter expert and leader, Jeff is highly trained and credentialed.

As a CEO and Board Director for the past thirty years, he has mentored and led elite and diverse teams that included specialist engineers across all cyber security realms such as defence and offence threat teams who provided services across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Jeff is a founding director of Indigenous majority owned cyber security and innovation company, Yirigaa.

The Yirigaa objective is about providing learning, traineeships, scholarships and full-time opportunities for First Australians in the key professions of cyber security, data sciences and software development.