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James McDiarmid

Maitland Grossman High School

EdTalk Video: Curiious and Maitland Grossmann High collaboration on the WISE Program – Virtual Reality Social and Emotional Wellbeing Project
(EdTalk videos launching Monday 19 April 2021)

Video Synopsis:

Maitland Grossmann High School has historically been a school to test new ideas, new technologies, new ways of learning and engagement. 2020 was no different. During the course of last year, Maitland Grossmann High School partnered with

Curiious, a Sydney-based company focussed on immersive technology for business and educational solutions.

As part of the Curiious Software Suite, users of the product are provided with the tools to manage multiple virtual reality (VR) headsets at the same time, create one’s own virtual reality experience via the Creators Toolkit, as well as manage content

from the cloud. For Mark Bayada, this opportunity was too good to pass up, especially as the Software Suite came with a world-first social emotional learning program for both educators and students.

Quickly being recognised as tools that could easily be carried across multiple key learning areas, use of Creators Toolkit and WISE: Emotional Fitness have spread. Mark will speak to his school trialling virtual reality, how teachers have harnessed the power of immersive learning and their future plans for VR in the classroom.


Mark has been a Teacher for 33 years. He has worked in schools in South West Sydney, the Central Coast and most recently he has been a part of the Industrial Arts Faculty working at Maitland Grossmann High School in the Hunter Valley. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education from Newcastle University, Mark has specialised in Engineering Studies, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology Timber, Graphics and STEM.  In his current role he has been responsible for the daily running of the Faculty and leading new initiatives as the STEM coordinator in the school.