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James Davies
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STEM Education

James Davies

Ermington West Public School

Workshop: Cue the Cleverbot – Digital Teaching & Learning [K-6]
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Video Synopsis:

This presentation will provide viewers with the opportunity to learn about the latest robot developed by Wonder Workshop, called Cue Robot.

Attendees will learn about the robot that James refers to as “Cue the Cleverbot”, and discover how this device was successfully implemented into his teaching and learning activities for a Stage 3 classroom.

Presenter, Mr James Davies will provide participants with the opportunity to see how these robots work and how to access his ‘Cue the Cleverbot – Students & Teachers Support Site’ which includes video tutorials, resources and STEM lesson examples. 

All teaching and learning examples in this presentation demonstrate how you can use Cue the Cleverbot to support your students towards developing a deeper understanding of content and reach their targeted learning outcomes from the NSW K-10 Curriculum.


Mr James Davies is a primary educator and Aboriginal man, who has been working for the NSW Department of Education since graduating from The University of Sydney in 2010. He has extensive experience in STEM teaching and learning across K-12, having presented at a variety of different events both in Australia and abroad. James is a certified Google for Education Trainer & Educator, Apple Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator and NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node Ambassador. He has worked with students across Australia in his role as mentor for Team Mensa, the national runners-up in Cyber Taipan (2020) – a defensive hacking competition from the world-renowned Cyber Patriot program, designed by the US Airforce. 

James’s experience in coding, cybersecurity and teaching with digital technologies has been reflected in his ongoing role of digital coordinator at his current workplace, Ermington West Public School. He continues to provide leadership and support for his colleagues across the NSW Department of Education, working closely with the T4L team from the Information Technology Directorate (ITD) and Google for Education Australia. Internationally, James has presented at the STEAM Summit by Wonder Workshop USA (2020) and showcased some of the fantastic work he has implemented in the classroom, using Dash and Cue robotics. 

As James continues to lead his colleagues, design content for his students and embed digital technologies into his teaching pedagogy, he is proud to present and provide useful resources for any educators that may be interested in using robotics as a means to enhance the learning opportunities of their students.