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Ian Randall
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Ian Randall

Meriden Anglican Girls School

Workshop: How to progress a design innovation and have it adopted by others: a practical approach to innovation diffusion theory
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Video Synopsis:

Ian presents his experience of progressing a design innovation in the sport of rowing from discovery to winning Gold at the 2019 World Championships. This presentation outlines real-world experiences, setting out an approach and methodology for innovators in the 21st Century.


Ian is a highschool teacher of Visual Arts and Design at Meriden Girls School in Sydney and a passionate rower.

In 2017, Ian discovered an innovation for an Olympic Class rowing oar that produce significantly faster boat speeds. His discovery led him on a journey to share his discovery with others in the rowing community, however, it has been anything but smooth paddling. The design was first used to win Gold by Italy at the 2019 World Championships and is now being adopted by many athletes for Tokyo Olympics. 

Ian’s interest is in design innovation theory and presents his experience and perspective on how to progress an innovation.