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Agtech & Food:

Dr Emma Beckett

University of Newcastle

Workshop: Food & nutrition science: Demonstrating key principles & technologies with easy to access items
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Video Synopsis:

We all eat every day (hopefully!) so the science behind food and nutrition can be easy to take for granted, but there is STEM at every step from paddock to plate! Join Dr Emma as she walks you through some simple and interactive ways to demonstrate some cool aspects of food and nutrition science using simple items that you can find yourself.


Dr Emma Beckett, a lecturer at the University of Newcastle and Science Communicator, is the Ms Frizzle of Food and Nutrition Science! She loves sharing science so that people can use the information to make informed decisions. Her research focuses on why we all respond differently to foods and how to use food to help everyone live healthy and well into old age. On social media, Dr Emma uses her large collection of food-themed clothes and jewellery to share fun food facts to help get people interested in the science behind food.