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Ella McPhee

STEM Punks

Workshop: STEM Sisters
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This workshop focuses on how to make your school or classroom more appealing, accessible and welcoming for girls. This can be done through providing role models, setting up all girl STEM classes, solving real world problems and using all resources and funding available. The workshop uses the same Design Thinking Process that is used in all of our STEM Punks programs.

The workshop unpacks why there is a gender gap in STEM fields and how we can start to get young girls more interested and educated about all the possibilities of following a STEM pathway and future leadership roles.

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I’ve always had a love for education. After teaching Science for a number of years and returning from travelling abroad I felt the conventional classroom was not the right fit for me anymore. An opportunity at STEM Punks arose and I haven’t looked back. I am able to educate students, not just about Science (a true love of mine) but incorporate all STEM areas as well as enabling a mindset of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.