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Dr Natalia Bilton

Charles Sturt University

Workshop: Alternative Pedagogies for the Teaching of Anatomy and Physiology 
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Video Synopsis:

In this video, Nat will show you 7 alternative ways that you can teach anatomy and physiology. Inspired by the work of Dr Tyson Yunkaporta, she takes you though how she applies the sharing of stories, learning maps, non-verbal activities, symbols and images, land links, non-linearity and the concept of deconstruct reconstruct to her teaching practice. This is a fast paced workshop with hands-on practical ideas that support the varied learning needs of many students. More practicality and less PowerPoint slides! 


Natalia Bilton received her PhD from the School of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Newcastle. After her post-doc, she moved to Thursday Island, Queensland, where she taught Torres Strait Islander students at James Cook University. Next, she was involved in teaching neuroscience in the School of Medicine and Dentistry in Townsville. In 2013, she joined the School of Biomedical Sciences, at Charles Sturt University. Natalia’s research interests include creativity, neuroscience and Indigenous pedagogy in anatomy and physiology.