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Dr Karen Joyce

She Maps

Workshop: Map My School: How Cool is Your School?
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Video Synopsis:

In this workshop Dr Karen Joyce shows teachers how the Map My School unit of work can engage students from primary to early secondary to calculate the percentage of natural vs man-made shade on their school campus. This unit uses free software that shows students how to gather data (using satellite imagery or drones), create a map (hand-drawn or digital), and conduct some analysis on the data collected.

Teachers will be provided with free to use resources and the opportunity to participate in our national ‘Map My School’ Competition in Term 2, 2021. All resources are mapped to the Australian Curriculum for Digital Technologies, HASS, and Geography.



I believe there’s a science for everyone, you just need to know where to look! I share my experiences drawn from more than 20 years as a geospatial scientist in academia, military, industry, and small business to help people discover science beyond lab coats and test tubes. But I have an ulterior motive. I am passionate about how we can use drones and geospatial technology to watch over our environment and its changes. So the more people I can inspire to join me, the faster we can put plans in place to help keep our environment healthy into the future.