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STEM Education

Assoc. Prof. Dr Catherine Ball

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

On Demand Video: Education for a rapidly changing world
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The future is bright, but we need to be prepared.  There are a wealth of opportunities, if we can give them the oxygen they need, and teachers play a fundamentally important role.  Preparing kids of today for an exponentially accelerating future seems like an impossible task, but there are real-world examples that can help inspire them.  Stick to the why, what is the issue being solved, how can we work as teams to curate the best responses, and how can we really understand what the problem is.

 How can diversity play a key role, and what can we use to encourage girls into seeing STEM careers as well-paid, and exciting propositions?  As we recognise the monsters on the horizon of big data, AI ethics, Australia’s place in a new geopolitical landscape, where are the opportunities for us to lead, and bring others on the journey with us? Let’s talk how, what, where, and when, but most importantly remember the why. The future is here, it is just not evenly distributed yet.


Associate Professor, Dr Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, and company director working across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education and environmental needs. Catherine also likes to create businesses and champion movements, collaborate with peers, and advise game-changers.

 A sought-after voice across the start-up, futurist and tech world, Catherine works globally across a wide range of projects from creating world leading conferences and events, to advising on the use of novel approaches (e.g. drones) across environmental and humanitarian projects. Catherine likes to demystify emerging tech.