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Dr Arash Mahboubi
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Digital Technology & Cyber Security:

Dr Arash Mahboubi

Charles Sturt University

EdTalk Video: Ransomware cyberattacks are on the rise 
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Video Synopsis:

Computer viruses have been developed since 1972, and their evolution has undergone enormous changes since then. Virus developers use a variety of techniques to avoid anti-virus software, including polymorphic, metamorphic, and malicious code mutations. The metamorphic virus, for example, is rewritten with each iteration, so that each subsequent version of the code differs from the previous one. Today, virus developers focus on a specific class of virus that infiltrates computer and mobile devices to encrypt victims’ data and demand payment in exchange for a cryptographic key to decrypt the data. Ransomware will remain the number one public and industrial enemy, with attacks becoming more sophisticated and threat actors becoming more successful with each passing year. This EDtalk is for IT and non-IT specialists who want to learn more about the ransomware threat and landscape.


Dr Arash Mahboubi is a cybersecurity researcher and lecturer at Charles Sturt University (CSU).  He received his PhD in Information Security from Queensland University of Technology in 2018, Brisbane, Australia. Since 2019, he has been a member and Deputy Leader of the Cyber Security School Research Group at CSU. His research interests range from malware analysis, detection, and attack modelling, as well as malicious cryptography (Cryptovirology).