Dr Andrew Hagan & Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Dr Andrew Hagan & Dr Eleanor Gates
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STEM Education

Dr Andrew Hagan & Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Charles Sturt University

On Demand Video: Get real with virtual projects

On Demand Video

Video Synopsis:

This keynote will not only excite attendees with the current state of technology but go beyond the tease with real-world strategies that enable you to get started with eXtended Reality (XR) projects today. From concept, contract to completion, Eleanor and Andrew share their collective expertise in realising creative productions from 20-years of academic and professional practice. From an independent learner to a global generational wave of STEM motivated students, we offer potential solutions so that you can be the driver of inevitable change.


Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Eleanor Gates-Stuart is Professor of Creative Industries in the Faculty of Arts and Education. An international interdisciplinary artist with a special research focus on science-art-technology, having a PhD awarded in Science Communication (Science & Art) at the Australian National Centre Public Awareness of Science at the ANU, in association with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Her scope of creativity and production is extensive, constantly questioning and engaging the audience in new and innovative ways through her artistic practice

Prof’ Eleanor Gates-Stuart’s collaborative science art research projects and commissions have received international and national support, acknowledge by both Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government and Australian Government.

Andrew Hagan

Andrew Hagan is an academic and practitioner in the industry. An international judge, co-director of the Australian International Animation Festival (AIAF), Visual Effects Producer & Supervisor, Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Autodesk Certified Maya Instructor, with relevant degrees in BA (Fine Arts) (Honours) and BA (Television Production), he established CSU’s Animation and Visual Effects specialisation. His research includes the latest technologies driving digital production. His latest work is in real-time visualisation that combines the art and science from diverse fields spanning primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary industries.