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David Watson


Workshop: DESMOS Part 2 – Managing classes in Desmos
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Video Synopsis:

Desmos is an online application which allows students to interact, inquire and investigate new concepts. Desmos classroom activities provide an opportunity for students to explore and represent their ideas through sketches, graphs, lists, multiple choice, and more. Learn how to edit existing activities, build your own from scratch and collaborate with colleagues to create coherent lesson sequences that promote higher order thinking skills such as reasoning and justification.


David Watson is a Mathematics Curriculum Support Project Officer for the NSW Department of Education. He has been a teacher of secondary mathematics for over 10 years, and in his substantive position, he is Head Teacher Mathematics at Fairfield High School. 

David’s current role is focused on providing support for teachers of mathematics across NSW in the form of professional learning and the development of units of work, resources and exemplar investigation style tasks. He loves using Desmos to create meaningful experiences to for students and provide opportunities for formative assessment to assist teachers.