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David Bugden
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STEM Education:

David Bugden

St Aloysius Catholic Primary School

Workshop: Physical computing: Innovative solutions to real world problems
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Video Synopsis:

This workshop aims to explore the ways that physical computing can provide students with opportunities to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. We will examine how the Microbit can be used to teach students the fundamental principles of coding and digital systems. Throughout the workshop, we will walk through how to write and download a Microbit program and show how it can be used in a variety of student-led projects.


As the STEM Specialist teacher at St Aloysius Primary School in Cronulla, my role involves designing and implementing STEM programs that provide students with opportunities to solve real-world problems using digital technologies. I am passionate about the use of digital technologies to enhance student learning through maker-centred learning experiences. My students use the Microbit to design and build digital systems that solve problems and demonstrate their understanding. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 work through the Design Engineering process to solve problems that are designed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.