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Daniel Proctor

NSW Department of Education

Workshop: Navigating a rapidly changing world with Data
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Video Synopsis:

It is becoming increasingly challenging to navigate this rapidly changing world without understanding and interpreting data and its representations. During this discussion piece, Daniel Proctor, Mathematics Advisor NSW, will start with the story of the emergence of data and projections for potential applications. The story will be integrated with real life examples and in class activities, including Daniel’s own personal experiences consulting with some of the biggest global companies. This will lead to the impact on students and the demands placed on them to successfully overcome the challenges ahead. In the presentation there will be reference to the recently developed NSW Department of Education resources for the Big Idea of Investigating Uncertainty, which links to the strand of Statistics and Probability.


Daniel Proctor is the Mathematics Advisor for 7 to 12 with the Department of NSW.

Daniel has been a teacher for over 15 years, both in the UK and NSW, and a Head Teacher for 7 of those years. Prior to teaching, Daniel led software development teams for a sales forecasting company that used mathematical modelling techniques and uses these experiences within his teaching practice.

Daniel has written over 100 resources for the NSW Department of Education including units of work and assessment tasks available to all teachers in NSW schools; and has delivered Professional Learning sessions across the state to support the implementation of the new Stage 6 courses.

Daniel is passionate about delivering mathematics in a connected and cohesive manner so that students can make sense of their learning.