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Damian Aldridge

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Workshop: Hybrid learning
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In 2019 schools found Hybrid Learning a challenging concept. Many did not believe the system would work, students would not adapt to it, and teachers found it too challenging to figure out how it would work in a classroom setting.

And then in 2020, in comes COVID19 and says – ‘Hold my beer’.

Communities went into lockdown, schools shut the doors, teachers had to learn new software, and students had to navigate an online learning format that was yet to be tried and tested on a national scale.

Discover some of the challenges and surprises the STEM Punks team faced in becoming a global teaching team, which enabled them to transform into a stronger position as a worldwide business.


My name is Damien Aldridge and I’m the Educational Director at STEM Punks. I have been delivering STEM programs across Australia, Asia and the US over the past 4 years, and in 2020 recognised as a Global Educational Influencer and Nominated for a Global Teacher Award.

STEM Punks has been nominated in 2018 as best in Education and Training (Optus), 2019 Winner Qld Energised and Emerging category (Telstra), nominated in two categories in 2020 for best B2C and in Education and Training (mybusiness), in 2021 STEM Punks was recognised with a with a Big Innovation Award.

I would like to discuss a hybrid method of teaching that includes engaging modules to inspire students, teams up with classroom teachers and how to utilise micro credentials, that will follow teachers and students throughout their STEM journey.

I have data collected from a 2 year case study that was finished in December 2020. In 2020 STEM Punks used a hybrid teaching model (virtual and face to face), we found some interesting statistics about home school engagement and how students were receiving the lessons.

In 2021 the ‘On Demand’ learning and teaching is more popular than ever. It is here to stay in some capacity, and as Educators we have to learn to embrace the change to ensure students get the best educational experience.