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Connor Macmurray

NSW Department of Education

Workshop: CAD in the cloud 
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Video Synopsis:

With the advent of cloud computing, it was never going to take long for CAD programs to jump on the bandwagon, but early incarnations were rather underwhelming and with limited usability, were more of a glorified viewing platform than a fully blown CAD package. Then Onshape changed all of that.

In this presentation, we’ll look at a number of projects that will allow your students to get their teeth into CAD using a package that provides them with access without installation or update concerns. We will walk you through the process of creating a 3D printable add on to the Stage 4 Electric Dragster unit of work, then look at other units which included the use of CAD either in their production or delivery and that are available to download from the Department of Education website.


Connor Macmurray has the role of HSC Strategy Curriculum Advisor Industrial Technology within the NSW Department of Education Teaching Quality and Impact Directorate.

Connor has been a TAS teacher for 13 years, specialising in Timber, Graphics and D&T. He started his career in Ungarie and remained in the Riverina for 8 years before moving to the not so sunny Southern Highlands where he currently holds the substantive position of TAS teacher at Bowral High School. For the past two years, he has worked in the Curriculum Secondary Learners section of the department, developing innovative resources to address the changes in the Stage 5 syllabuses and providing support and training for teachers around the state. This year has seen him make a partial move across to the Teaching Quality and Impact directorate to co-design and deliver the HSC Strategy Industrial Technology PL, which is running for the first time this year.