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Aubry Vance


Workshop: Code cube wearable device
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Fast forward to the year 2030. Students in first grade right now will be graduating. Technology will have advanced at a pace like we have never seen before. Learners must be prepared for a world much different from the one that exists today. From furthering their understanding of academic content, to building in-demand soft skills; coding offers children the opportunity to develop the 21st-century knowledge that will be needed for future success.

 Attendees of this session will virtually experience the Code Cube wearable device, web-based app, and cross-curricular teachers guide. Designed to be accessible, easy to implement, and engaging for ALL students, Code Cube is a programmable wearable developed for elementary students which offer a 64-pixel LED screen with a built-in accelerometer and sound output.

Participants will experience block-based programming and how the sensor inputs and outputs can be used to animate their wearable and bring it to life.

Participants will get a look inside the FREE lesson plans available and gain an understanding of the various ways Code Cube can be integrated across the curriculum.

Participants will see they can be more than just consumers of technology — they can actually be the creators behind wearable devices.


Aubrey Vance has more than 15 years of experience working in an educational setting. After 11 years in the elementary school classroom, Aubrey joined the Pitsco Education family where she facilitates professional development workshops and helps schools design their optimal STEM program. Aubrey currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah where she spends her days hiking in the mountains with her pups or planning her next Disneyland vacation.