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Elena Prieto Rodriguez
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STEM Education

Assoc. Prof. Elena Prieto-Rodriguez

University of Newcastle

Workshop: Coding and Maths
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Video Synopsis:

In this workshop we will talk about ScratchMaths, a set of resources designed at University College, London, which we have adapted to the NSW curriculum for Stage 3 for Mathematics and Science and Technology, as well as General Capabilities. The resources integrate mathematics, computational thinking and coding. We have run the workshop twice, in 2017 and 2020, and teachers attending improved (statistically!) significantly on their knowledge of coding and their self-efficacy in integrating maths and coding. “The program has so many applications and can be used by students of a variety of learning levels. I am excited to move forward!” The materials have proven a very valuable tool for teachers to introduce coding in a structured way providing scaffolding and links to prior knowledge. The resources are also effective in helping introduce certain mathematical concepts (such as the Cartesian plane, or different types of symmetries), or reinforcing existing knowledge (such as proportionality, or angles in a polygon). During the workshop, we will provide links to access the materials (for free!) and briefly showcase how they can be used effectively in class.


Dr Elena Prieto is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education at the University of Newcastle. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science. From 2005, she has worked extensively in STEM education, including several Australia-wide research projects. She is currently engaged in several projects focused on gender equity in STEM and teacher professional development. She is a member of the University of Newcastle Teachers and Teaching Research Centre where she leads the STEM Education Group.